We are active and Knowledgeable breeder of french bulldog puppies. We raise top quality,100% health guarantee puppies. AKC Champion bloodlines. We have colors ranging from blue, grey, fawn, merle, Cream, white and black French Bulldog Puppies For Sale, Love Starts with a Wet Nose and Ends with a Tail. Stop In to Meet Our Furry Loves! Our Pet Counselors are Dedicated to Matching the Right Puppy with the Right Customer.

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Sunday, August 11, 2019

AKC French Bulldog Puppies for sale ‪

Its our ambition to raise bulldogs that are healthy, sound and correct in confirmation. Our Bulldogs have the correct body structure,gate, movement and temperament. Most of our puppies are Champion sired and or have Champion bloodlines in their pedigrees. Our puppies are raised as part of the family, they are happy and well socialized.  We do not sell to puppy mills, brokers, or pet shops.  Our passion is sharing these amazing French bulldogs with new homes who feel the same way about these amazing little beauties. We choose to breed only because our Amazing French Bulldogs are too lovable and adorable not to share. AKC French Bulldog Puppies for sale.

(1) Fill out an application with the name of the puppy you want and we will get back to you within 24 hrs.
(2) If successful, you will be required to make payment so we can proceed with your puppies registration paperwork and get all needed documents for shipping/delivery with the airline.
(3) We will the make flight reservations with the airlines and a confirmation of delivery from the airlines will be emailed to you with full flight information.
(4) We will then take your puppy to the vet to get final Vet examination so as to confirm warranty and if the puppy is fit to travel. You will also be emailed the flight tracking number for your puppy so that you can monitor his/her flight online.


                      FRENCH BULLDOGS  & HEALTH

Provide your Frenchie with regular checkups, routine vaccinations, tests for intestinal parasites, heart worm prevention, and flea and tick control. Your vet should do regular dental checkups and care, and you should clean your dog’s teeth regularly at home as well. As a short-faced, brachycephalic, dwarf breed, French Bulldogs may have some health concerns that you should be aware of. The short face can make their breathing less efficient than that of long-nosed breeds, so Frenchies have less tolerance of heat, exercise, and stress, all of which increase their need to breathe. Keep your French Bulldog cool in warm weather, and avoid strenuous exercise. 

If your dog seems to overheat or become stressed too easily, with noisy breathing and sometimes spitting up foam, consult the vet and have its airway evaluated for pinched nostrils or an elongated soft palate. Anesthesia is also more risky in short-faced dogs, so be sure your veterinarian is experienced with such breeds should your Frenchie need to be anesthetized. The spine also merits special attention. Like other dwarf breeds, the stocky French Bulldog may also have abnormal vertebrae and/or premature degeneration of the inter-vertebral discs. While the spine is supported by good musculature, herniation of degenerated discs can cause major problems, and most symptomatic back problems are due to disc disease rather than to abnormal vertebrae.

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Puppies Ready For New Homes.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with guaranteed, high quality and top champion bloodline French Bulldog puppies for adoption. They will not be going for their expensive prices as we all know how costly they can be. We are only giving them out as pets without breeding rights. Let us know if you require breeding rights. They adoption fee for each puppy is affordable compared to the high prices you will get from other commercial breeders. We are NOT giving out their parents for adoption. Looking to re-home them into great families that will make them a huge part of their home.  AKC French Bulldog Puppies for sale


Our puppies will come with...
1 Year Congenital Health Guarantee WRITTEN & SIGNED by both parties ​
All puppies are off AKC Registered Champion or Champion Sired DNA Verified AKC Studs/Parents   
Up To Date on Vaccines
Up To Date on De-wormings
Vet Puppy Wellness Physical Exam
Veterinarian Health Certificate
LIFETIME Support !!!! Call or email any time for help/advice !!!

Puppy Gift Bag filled with:

Puppy Collar
Stuffed Squeaky
Toys Rubber or
Latex Toys
Puppy Chew Bone
Little Bag of Dog Biscuit/Treats
Nutri-Stat tube Puppy food the puppy is currently eating

 A puppy folder with
​AKC Paper
5 generation AKC pedigree
 Health Guarantee
 Health Record Sheet
 Pictures of Parents, including mom with babbies & entire litter Breed Information on French Bulldogs>

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